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U.S. News & World Report for FlowPlay

October 13, 2015

Just ask the Seattle Seahawks, who lost Super Bowl XLIX in the closing seconds when it looked like they'd score an easy touchdown: For every crushing defeat, there's the consolation of a comeback season. And if you're a potential investor in the daily fantasy sports websites FanDuel and DraftKings, it's pretty much the same... ..."I do believe that both companies have some public trust work to do, more so now than ever," says Derrick Morton, CEO of FlowPlay, a Seattle-based developer of virtual worlds, social casinos and fantasy sports-based casual games. "There have been rumblings about the gaps between the casual sports fan looking to have some daily fantasy sports fun versus the professional players who have advanced computer algorithms that aid them in their selections of players." (When you think about it, that sounds a lot like what happens in daily trading on Wall Street.)  

MakeUseOf for PlayFab

September 29, 2015

PlayFab provide services (such as monetization and analytics) for building MMOand other connected games, and tools for operating them, which means keeping track of what players are doing and customizing the game around their activities, using targeting techniques. Part of this involves keeping the player data secure. Matt Augustine, PlayFab’s CTO, told me that “gamers value data security, but they have very low confidence that developers take it seriously, so they basically don’t trust them. So they resort to ineffective measures such as entering fake data into games.”

VentureBeat for FlowPlay

September 29, 2015

FlowPlay, which makes a platform for social casino games, is branching out today with the launch of an online fantasy sports card game. The Seattle-based company is launching 5 Card Draft, an online multiplayer card game with a fantasy football them. Daily fantasy sports is hot as rivals such as Draftkings and FanDuel battle it out to gain control of the market. 5 Card Draft is one more title targeted at the more than 51.6 million people in the U.S. who play fantasy sports games (according to Fantasy Sports Association). Market researcher Ipsos estimates that each player spends an average of $465 on fantasy sports competitions, up from $95 in 2012.

Network World for Domain Tools

September 23, 2015

Cybercriminals often leave a lot of digital crumbs, and when organizations get attacked, finding those clues can help reveal who is attacking and why.
In partnership with tech training provider Pluralsight, Network World offers a free online course on
For 15 years, a small company called DomainTools, based in Seattle, has collected vast amounts of information about the Web: historical domain name registrations and network information, all of which are extremely valuable in investigating cyberattacks.

Huffington Post for Kindara

September 23, 2015

Over fifty percent of women would like to be having more sex. That's one of the key findings from a survey run by fertility app Kindara, which surveyed 500 women who used the app about their sexual experiences and attitudes. The data reveals that some stereotypes ring true -- for example, that the women surveyed value an emotional connection with a sexual partner more than men might. But results also showed that, contrary to popular belief, women do have high libidos and regularly orgasm. Here are the four key findings from the survey:

Maxim for Kindara

September 23, 2015

Whoa whoa whoa. Back the hell up here. Pretty much every romantic comedy (or fight I've had in a relationship) is based off the notion that men want to get it on all the time, and women reluctantly find excuses for why they're not in the mood, typically involving headaches or the need to wash their hair. But it turns out, pop culture may have been lying to you this whole time. More and more studies are finding that while various factors influence women's sex drives (women place a high value on emotional connections, they face more societal pressures, etc), they equal, if not exceed that of men's.

Glamour for Kindara

September 23, 2015

We've all heard the ever-persistent cliché that women want sex less than men—and we all live in the real world and know this isn't true. There are plenty of men who regularly turn their partners down, and plenty of women who can't get enough, and vice versa. In fact, if anyone out there still thinks that our libido is dictated by our gender, a new survey from fertility appKindara should put those feelings to rest. After 500 women ages 18 to 65 answered a series of questions about how often they have sex—and how often they want it—the study found that:

VentureBeat for PlayFab

September 23, 2015

The majority of gamers lack confidence in game developers’ ability to ensure security and safe play, according to a survey by backend service PlayFab. The findings showed that 83 percent of players believe that game developers should be responsible for securing a player’s personal data, but fewer than 40 percent said they feel confident with current safeguards. That’s not surprising, considering security breaches that have taken place across the industry, such as the infamous hack of the Sony PlayStation Network in 2011, when hackers stole identify information for 77 million players. for SQFT

September 15, 2015

The housing market has been rebounding and the increased competition is leaving the number of available homes scarce in many cities. Home prices have also risen compared to last year as the number of homes sold rose in all parts of the country except for the Midwest, according to a recent report from PNC, the Pittsburgh-based financial institution. The median sale price for an existing single-family home was $288,300 in July, up from $279,700 in June.

New York Times for PlayFab

September 10, 2015

Apple stumbled into the games business almost by accident not long after it released the iPhone in 2007, igniting a new multibillion-dollar mobile games industry in the process.

Could a new Apple device — one linked to the television — shake up the market for game consoles?

The idea no longer seems ridiculous to many people in the games business.

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