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New W hotel takes a leap in its interior design

August 14, 2017

The W Hotels Worldwide recently opened its first new hotel in North America in seven years, a 275,000-sf, 450-ft-tall, 245-key facility along Lake Washington in Bellevue, Wash.W Hotels, a brand of Marriott International, sees this HKS-designed property as “the next iteration of the next generation of W design,” according to Greg Stobbs, Senior Director of Global Design Strategies. Last week, Stobbs and Matt Van Der Peet, W Bellevue’s general manager, conducted a web tour of the hotel’s interiors, which take their inspiration from local lakefront culture.

Is It Time to Bet on Fantasy Sports?

August 8, 2017

On paper – and fantasy sports fans know all about great matchups on paper – the prospective merger of FanDuel and DraftKings looked tantalizing. Naming rights aside (FanKings? DraftDuel?), uniting the fantasy sports powerhouses screamed dynasty – and control of more than 90 percent market share. LeBron James joining Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat? That was tiddlywinks by comparison.
Then in July, the Federal Trade Commission sued to kill the FanDuel-DraftKings deal. And with the swipe of a regulator's pen, the two would-be teammates stood on the cusp of becoming bitter sporting rivals in quest of that ultimate winner's cup: the initial public offering.

Blues Traveler Brendan Hill Takes The High Road With His Cannabis Dispensary

July 27, 2017

Cannabis outsiders think owning a dispensary is like having a cash register, but cannabis insiders know how it really works. The tight margins and onerous restrictions challenge even the best owner to make decent profits. Brendan Hill, the drummer for the iconic band Blues Traveler, found this out when he opened his dispensary Paper & Leaf on Bainbridge Island in Washington.“In Washington state, they are pretty specific about what we can sell in the cannabis shop. Several items like T-shirts, anything that's branded that isn't for cannabis consumption can't be sold and being in rock and roll, what's better than a tour shirt?” he said. In addition, if his customers got thirsty or hungry, he couldn't sell them anything at Paper and Leaf. So, they opened a sister store next door called Market Elevated with a separate entrance. It’s described as a "Pacific Northwest Lifestyle Shop.”

Former Microsoft exec shares 2 books that shaped his career and made him more successful

July 26, 2017

There are a number of science-backed reasons why you should pick up a book. Reading, be it a novel or a biography is linked with reduced stress, improved language and stronger memory skills, research shows.But if you read the right books, you'll not only boost your chances of getting those health benefits. You'll also learn something really valuable.Manuel "Manny" Medina, a Harvard Business School graduate and former Amazon and Microsoft employee, says two bestselling books shaped his career.

Denver-based Ibotta in good company with new backing from major investment firm

July 25, 2017

Mobile retail app Ibotta is joining the ranks of major online services like Soundcloud, Airbnb and Pandora thanks to an investment from Silicon Valley-based investment firm GGV Capital.Ibotta, started in Denver five years ago,  is one of the largest mobile retail apps on the market. The app offers users cash rebates on purchases from retail stores like Target and Walmart, but Ibotta also works with such online businesses as Uber and Ebay.GGV Capital has invested in nearly 150 different companies in the U.S. and China. Some of its most high-profile investments include e-commerce giant Alibaba and room rental service Airbnb. But the investment firm has also has funded Tile, which makes internet enabled tracking devices for your keys and luggage, and the female-focused online media company Bustle.

Five Steps Businesses Can Take To Make Two-Factor Authentication Better And More Secure

July 18, 2017

Two-factor authentication (2FA) has been an essential step for the security-minded business or customer who want to protect their accounts, adding an additional layer of protection atop the standard password. But recent events have proven that even the current standards for extra security can fall short.With billions of stolen usernames and passwords being passed around on the dark web --including corporate accounts—it’s important to take action in advance of a threat to make sure accounts are as secure as possible.

America’s Obsession With the Automobile Is Changing With the Times

July 17, 2017

Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, powerful muscle cars with oversized engines were what consumers’ automotive dreams were made of. Fast-forward to the late ‘90s and early 2000’s, and we entered the gas-guzzling phase of American consumerism, where large SUVs like Escalades and Hummers were the most sought after vehicles on the road.Today, we’re moving towards a new era where traditional car features will take a back seat to software powered services such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), shared mobility services and, eventually, autonomous vehicles. These technology-based advancements are forecasted to significantly impact automotive business results, with analysts predicting 30 percent revenue increases by 2030, amounting to $1.5 trillion.

How This Startup Pivoted Away From A Talent Agency To A $10 Million Per Year Technology Company

July 13, 2017

How does a business pivot from being a small talent recruitment agency to generating $10 million per year as a sales technology company? Manny Medina, CEO and Co-Founder of Outreach did just that. Having started my own sales technology company called Troops, I have deep appreciation for the work Manny and his team are doing and perhaps more importantly, an appreciation for the pivots and evolution of their business. In the world of startups, not all companies start off how you think.I sat down with Manny to hear his story and how they navigated their way to becoming one of the leaders in the sales enablement space.

America Had Talent? Trump Foreign Entrepreneur Rule Rollback May Stymie Tech Ecosystem

July 12, 2017

When Seattle-based immigrant entrepreneur Manny Medina first tried to launch a startup, he had no staff or revenue. Two years later, the Ecuadorian founder’s sales engagement platform, Outreach, employed nearly 200 people and counted $10 million in annual revenue.Now Medina, who came to the U.S. on a student visa before becoming a citizen, says he’s worried the Trump administration’s rollback of a rule that would have allowed more foreign founders to launch startups in the U.S. will drive other international entrepreneurs outside the country. That’s bad news for mid and large-size tech companies like his that rely on talent and ideas through the acquisitions of startups, the CEO said.

Bright Idea: Taking Center Stage

July 10, 2017

Buy dinner or supplies and put it on the company card. This employee convenience can also be a vexation for company budgets as casual expenses mount. A Bellevue startup, Center (, thinks it has the right solution, and the track record of its founders suggests it might.The CenterCard puts the computing power and interactivity of a smartphone app directly into a slim credit card. Fitting easily into a wallet, the card device connects to the cloud via Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone and the card’s e-ink touchscreen. Employees can see how much budget they have and allocate a purchase to an expense category, making it easier later to fill out expenses. As Center cofounder Naveen Singh explains, expense tracking becomes “a physical part of the sale.” Supervisors can also track spending, approve special requests and reallocate budgets when necessary.

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Life After Ad Value Equivalency

Ad value equivalency, or AVE, is a slightly fictitious metric that has besieged PR pros for decades. AVE is based on the idea that PR and advertising accomplish the same thing and can be compared interchangeably – when as we know, the disciplines are incredibly different. Recently, the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation [Read More]

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    “The work Barokas PR did for our recent launch was fantastic. A 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. The top-tier coverage we received was consistent with our messaging. We couldn’t have asked for more. Barokas is a welcome addition to the Bay Area PR scene.”

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    “It takes a combination of strategic smarts and heads down effort to succeed in public relations, and nobody combines the two better than Barokas Public Relations. The agency’s work with Cascadia Capital has helped propel us into the spotlight as one of the nation’s leading boutique investment banks.”

  • RadiumOne

    “BPR provides the right mix of senior PR counsel coupled with a healthy dose of aggressiveness that has earned us tier-1 results in AdAge, AdWeek, Fast Company, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and others. Strategic communications is essential to a brand’s success, and the BPR team has consistently demonstrated their PR prowess for our brand and leadership team on multiple fronts. Their professionalism and partnership mentality dispels the myth that PR firms have to be based in the Bay Area to do great work.”

  • Rachio

    Barokas PR is having a significant impact on our exposure, placing us in top tier media including CNET, Men’s Journal, TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal. As an added bonus, we have great chemistry with their team.”

  • Ibotta

    “As the fastest growing tech company in Denver, it was important to find a PR partner that could move quickly and strategically with us. Barokas has been that and more.”

  • Amplero

    “Barokas has the breadth and depth of press, media and analyst relationships that I grew used to at big companies, but they also bring the scrappy, gritty, “we’re all in this together” attitude of a startup. They are a great partner and an integral part of our success!”

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    “Barokas PR has achieved more in 6 months than our previous agency did in 2 years.”

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    “Barokas Public Relations has been a great partner for Clearwell and has played a critical role in our success. Kudos on a great job over the last 5+ years, beginning with our company launch through to our acquisition.”

  • Blazent

    “In my career I’ve never seen this kind of response in such a short period of time. In less than two months, Barokas PR developed the strategy for our launch, and leveraged their relationships to drive top tier coverage across trade and business press. They are a PR powerhouse.”

  • Vector

    “Barokas PR has opened the door to endless opportunities for Vector. With their support, we’re seen as true thought leaders in the space community, which supports so much of what we do like raising capital and demand for our technology.”

  • Daegis

    “Barokas Public Relations hit the ground running and placed positive articles right from the start. In addition to being results-focused, their deep understanding of the eDiscovery market played an integral role in developing our messaging and establishing awareness for the Daegis brand at a critical time. They consistently went the extra mile to serve us, and I can’t think of a better qualified group of PR professionals to work with.”

  • vCita

    “Barokas PR really gets us. They consistently deliver and are a true representation of PR minus the BS. This is the first time I’ve felt this way about a PR firm.”

  • Accela

    “Barokas PR has consistently performed at a level beyond our benchmarks. They never cease to impress with their PR savvy, quick grasp of our technology, and non-stop willingness to go the extra mile to reach desired goals. I would heartily recommend them for any stage business looking for a truly exceptional PR partner.”

  • SQFT

    “These guys are PR gods. In just one month, we doubled the number of downloads and tripled the number of listings on our app.”

  • ExtraHop Networks

     “When it came time to hire an outside PR agency for ExtraHop, Barokas seemed like a natural fit. Not only are they one of the only mid-size agencies that has meaningful enterprise IT infrastructure experience, plus their creativity, work ethic, and dedication to client success is obvious.”

  • WTIA

    “I have been working Barokas PR for 15 years and four companies. BPR is my go-to marketing partner of choice. In the past 2.5 years, BPR has worked closely with our team at WTIA to establish a credible voice for the tech industry in the Pacific Northwest. Media outlets and government officials now come to us as a subject matter expert on background or as a public voice for the important stories about our industry. It is a joy to work with BPR – they are competent, honest, and tenacious as hell.”

  • Visible Technologies

    “Over the nearly three years we worked with Barokas Public Relations, they consistently delivered outstanding results and counsel to us. They were a trusted advisor and partner! The team’s deep expertise working with key industry media in the advertising and digital marketing space benefitted us greatly, and was instrumental positioning us for acquisition by two industry leaders – Vocus and Cision. We couldn’t have asked for a more successful partnership.”

  • Techstars

    “Barokas PR has been relentless in spreading awareness of the Techstars ecosystem on all fronts. They understand the many facets of our brand and can expertly deliver our message to the right people at the right publications. The Techstars for Life message has reverberated throughout the media thanks to the exceptional work from our Barokas PR team.”

  • OpenMarket

    “We’ve partnered with Barokas PR since 2013 and can attest to their driven, results-oriented agency mentality. In fact, they more than doubled the average number of feature coverage placements each quarter, compared to our previous agency. Barokas PR’s enterprise expertise has significantly lifted OpenMarket’s awareness with key press, analysts and customers.” 

  • Atari

    “Barokas PR is a nimble team of talented media professionals. They’ve successfully assisted Atari with shaping the Atari brand in the constantly evolving gaming landscape, and have continually exceeded our expectations and coverage goals. Barokas PR provides strategic media counsel to our team, and will continue to be a big complement to Atari’s go-forward plans.” 

  • Rapt Media

    “Barokas has been a great partner to Rapt Media over the past few years.  Not only is their execution and attention to detail top notch, we share the same values of trust and honest communication to get to the best solutions.”

  • Tippr

    “I’ve worked with Barokas since 1999. They kick ass. A much better solution than Edelman, Weber, or any of the other mega agencies.”

  • Vertafore

    “Barokas PR has strengthened our relationships with key influencers in the insurance industry and increased our visibility as a leading software powerhouse in the PNW. Through this strategic partnership, we have experienced a record level of coverage, resulting in new business leads and an increased share of voice.”

  • Airbiquity

    “Barokas PR has done an outstanding job on our business. They got up to speed quickly on a complex and fast moving industry vertical, and significantly improved our media targeting strategy and outreach. The results speak for themselves: 3X more press interviews, 2X more article inclusions, 6X more impressions delivery, and a category leading press coverage profile versus our competition.”

  • Concur

    “For six years Barokas PR worked passionately on the Concur business. We relied on Howie and his team to help us promote and own the T&E category. Barokas consistently delivered.”

  • Liaison

    “After experiencing the outstanding results secured by Barokas PR during our acquisition of Hubspan, we extended that partnership to Liaison. I wear many hats in my organization and their proactive approach and responsiveness were bar-none. I never had to worry about their performance, and over the years they were a huge key to my success.”

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