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USA Today for Choremonster

August 15, 2015

Something for young students and their parents, ChoreMonster (iOS, Android) helps mom and dad set and manage chores for their kids, and reward the little ones for completing them. For example, you can choose "Sweep the floor" or "Do homework," or add your own, such as "Empty the dishwasher." You also have the option to assign a point value per chore, such as 5 points for brushing your teeth, and earned points can be redeemed for a reward.

Forbes for Splash

August 12, 2015

Eric Stowe saw a problem in the developing world and did something about it. He saw a need for clean water in the slums and created Splash, a nonprofit organization, to solve the problem.

The New York Times for ChoreMonster

July 16, 2015

Today, technology is so prevalent, it’s hard to keep it away from children and teenagers. But I don’t think we should even try. If we restrict our kids’ access, while we’re emailing from an Apple Watch, they won’t respect the rules when they have a chance to get around them.

Business Insider for Tyntec

July 13, 2015

The practice of using personal devices for business purposes, formally known as bring your own device (BYOD), has become increasingly popular, and businesses are struggling to keep pace. The large majority of employees in the US, UK, and Spain want to keep their personal and business tasks and communications separate, according to new data provided to BI Intelligence by telecom-web convergence company tyntec. Despite the high degree to which employees use mobile devices outside of the office, few businesses have satisfactory, if any, official BYOD policies.


Time for ChoreMonster

July 1, 2015

Any website that promises “your kids will beg to do their chores” deserves a skeptical eye. What might they promise next? They’ll eat all their vegetables? Floss after every meal?

Yet while the designers at ChoreMonster may be given to hyperbole, they also just might have hit on an answer to getting the kiddos to make their bed and empty the dishwasher without being asked for the thousandth time—and learn something about money and responsibility in the process.

VentureBeat for TechStars

June 16, 2015

Techstars, the popular for-profit incubator and investment fund, has acquired Up Global, the nonprofit organization that hosts Startup Weekend. 

The merger makes sense, since Startup Weekend brings aspiring entrepreneurs together for an intense, 54-hour experience in creating a company, while Techstars provides a three-month course designed to get those aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into going concerns. While the former is heavy on inspiration and excitement, the latter provides some cash and more concrete, practical help in getting startups off the ground.

Wall Street Journal for Car Lister

June 12, 2015

CarLister, which was built by the company DreamWare Inc., has raised $6.5 million in seed funding from individuals and added former Morgan Stanley President Bob Scott as its chairman, Lizette Chapman reports for Dow Jones VentureWire. The startup will join TrueCar and, and newer efforts by Beepi and Shift Technologies, as tech companies are providing platforms to enable easier and more-complete vehicle searchers, increased pricing transparency and speedier service for both buyers and sellers. CarLister’s service is designed to help dealers and individuals list cars for sale by providing VIN numbers and answering a series of questions.

VentureBeat for PlayFab

June 9, 2015

As more studios launch live games that rely on always-online servers and constantly updated content, the tab to keep the backend servers running can get expensive. But that is where a company that sells live operations wants to step in.

PlayFab, which provides backend services to enable developers to run live games, has introduced a new no-cost solution called PlayFab Free Tier.

Fast Company for Choremonster

June 1, 2015

In Inside Out, Pixar’s first all-new film since 2012’s Brave, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and others voice the emotions that govern a young person’s life. If you spend any time around kids, you know that few things trigger those emotions more reliably than being told to do their chores. In that way, a partnership between Pixar and the Cincinnati-based startup ChoreMonster, which rewards kids for doing chores and offers them both in-app entertainment and parent-directed rewards for doing chores, makes a whole lot of sense.

Business Insider for ChoreMonster

May 26, 2015

Disney is always looking for the next big thing. 

That's why the company is gearing up for the second annual Disney Accelerator program, a startup farm to connect founders with Disney money, Disney intellectual property, and perhaps best of all, access to Disney's team as executive as mentors, up to and including Disney CEO Bob Iger.

In the program, which will begin its 2014 class on July 6th, 10 startups per cohort are invited to work at Disney's Glendale campus in Southern California for 13 weeks and offered $120,000 in funding — $100,000 of which comes in a convertible note that can be changed into equity, at the startup's choice — to build something new and cool.
From that first cohort, ChoreMonster, an app that encourages kids to do their chores by making it a game, is including characters from the upcoming Disney-Pixar movie Inside Out, including the voice talents of star Bill Hader.

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