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Adweek for Zumobi

December 15, 2014

Some think that the brand-as-publisher trend has reached its peak, when in reality it's just getting started.
A mere five years ago, Red Bull was an energy drink, not a global media company. Chipotle was hard at work wrapping burritos, not shooting award-winning video shorts. Social media was in its infancy, and branded content consisted of things like trade brochures gathering dust on a shelf.

VentureBeat for FlowPlay

December 10, 2014

Too few girls are getting a STEM education, and Girlstart and FlowPlay have teamed up to help change that.

From now until Jan. 5, players of FlowPlay’s online social games, Vegas World and OurWorld, can buy in-game items that will directly fund Girlstart, an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit on a mission to empower girls in science, technology, engineering, and math. It’s hoping the extra funding will help more girls see a career in STEM, very much a male-dominated area, as something they can actively pursue.

Girlstart is especially focused on reaching girls who are economically disadvantaged, at risk of academic failure, or who come from a nonwhite background. “Girls who are the least likely to pursue STEM and who may have limited STEM learning resources at home,” Girlstart deputy director Julie Shannan told GamesBeat via email.

Fortune for Techstars

December 9, 2014

The startup accelerator’s new program allows young companies to embed themselves in corporate partners to “explore business development opportunities.”

Techstars, the startup accelerator network with programs across the country, has launched a new feature to help startups connect better with large corporations. Called Techstars++, the program allows startups to embed themselves in corporate partners in order to “explore business development opportunities and other synergies.”

Adweek for Rapt Media

December 8, 2014

Engaging an audience online—especially the fickle millennial male—can be a tall order. To capture his attention and show off the versatility of the Click & Style electric razor, Philips decided to create a choose-your-own adventure online video experience called "Designed to Play," which now has more than a thousand story outcomes.

Forbes for Rapt Media

December 8, 2014

The online video industry moves quickly. As the year comes to an end, we’re already contemplating what’s in store for online video in 2015. For marketers and publishers alike, the new year creates a tremendous opportunity to shake off the shackles of everyday execution, start thinking big for 2015, and determine how to deliver a new level of sophistication, user engagement, and results.

From mobile video to marketing automation to digital-first programming, here’s how we see today’s emerging trends growing into marketing must-haves in 2015.

Forbes for Final

December 4, 2014

An empty coworking space is a lot like an empty classroom; it’s not so much sad as it is unfamiliar. There’s an echo of positive energy that used to fill the room I’m currently working from, the Techstars office in Boulder.

If you’re unfamiliar with the model, an accelerator is designed to remove as many barriers as it can to facilitate progress and improve the odds of startup success. For the individuals that go through, it’s a concentrated learning experience. And while so much of that comes from doing, a huge portion also comes from listening to the community of mentors, alumni, and fellow cohort companies.

Inc. for Final

December 4, 2014

Want to get a laugh? These promo videos for startups this year may not compete with SNL, but they might make you chuckle.

VentureBeat for RadiumOne

December 1, 2014

So-called “dark social” accounts for twice the sharing that occurs on Facebook, and 91 percent of us use it regularly.

Apparently, email’s not dead.

That’s according to a new 9,000-consumer study commissioned by RadiumOne: The Light and Dark of Social Sharing. Dark social, of course, is sharing activity that is invisible to traditional analytics because it happens via email or instant message, not via sharing mechanisms on a web page.

Mashable for Boxbee

November 4, 2014

We're on the cusp of the most magical time of year; but beyond tidings of comfort and joy, the holiday season is also appropriately deemed the "Season of Stuff."

Most of us already have too much junk cluttering our homes, offices and desks — it can be overwhelming. It's easy to see how this stuff accumulates: We are constantly inundated with messages to buy, subscribe, sample and "Click Here!" Over time the accumulation of swag and such can get out of control. Cleaning house, however, can take a much-needed load off your mind during this stress-inducing holiday season.

TechCrunch for Mad Genius Radio

October 31, 2014

In a world where most radio services use correlation algorithms to figure out what you want to hear, based on beats per minute and cadence and genre, without really thinking about the right rotation of new and old music. Thus, the stations you end up listening to the most become a bit stale.

But Mad Genius is different.

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The ‘PR Pause’

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