Case Study

Summary of our work:

Barokas Communications announced magniX’s inaugural aviation partnership and launched magniX as the company leading the electric aviation revolution. Through strategic and consistent PR efforts, Barokas Communications successfully inserted magniX into ongoing industry conversations, initiated buzz around the future of electric aviation and solidified magniX as a leader in next generation aviation.

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Strategy for Success:

By building strong media relationships, securing industry speaking opportunities, and executing creative proactive campaigns, Barokas Communications built the foundation for magniX’s first major partnership announcement. Positioning magniX and their partner as aviation innovators, the Barokas team successfully tapped media and industry influencers to ensure the partnership news took flight.


Barokas secured more than 120 pieces of editorial, broadcast, and radio coverage across a mix of international industry and business press during the week of the announcement. Feature articles in top-tier publications include Barron’s, Bloomberg, Engadget, Forbes, and ZDNet, along with multiple segments by Canadian broadcast including CTV and CBC News.

“We view the Barokas team as part of our company as they exhibit the same level of passion, care, focus, and attention as any one of our full-time employees do. Following our first commercial partnership announcement, Barokas generated a surge of media interest, which they guided us through flawlessly. The results of this announcement have far surpassed our expectations, and Barokas continues to play an instrumental role in elevating our position as a leader in aviation.” – Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX

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