Spring Intern

Seattle, WA / Denver, CO

The Barokas Communications internship program exposes students to the daily activities of a PR agency including brainstorm sessions, online research, writing, media list development, media relations and client service. Our interns gain hands-on and in-depth experience they can use to jump-start their careers in the PR industry. PR is about being a ‘squeaky wheel’ and we encourage all of our interns to speak up in meetings and seek out new opportunities that will help them reach their own goals. After all, it’s the intern’s internship, so why not control the experience to get the most out of it.

Interested in an internship at our Seattle or Denver offices? We hire current students for our internship on a quarterly basis with start dates beginning in January, April, July, and October. Our Internship Program is unpaid, for-credit only. Our summer internships may have a slightly different schedule to accommodate semester schools. We finalize our interns for the upcoming quarter a month prior to the start date.

Send your resume and cover letter to one of the following: seattleinterns@barokas.com, denverinterns@barokas.com.