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Creating a Buzz

January 26, 2015

Journalism was once thought to be a dying field, but in actuality, it’s the way we consume news that has changed. Whether we access news from our Twitter feeds, our mobile devices or our smart TVs, stories will always be available in some shape or form. But in an ever-connected world, journalists have struggled to [Read More]

Crisis 101 from the Real Olivia Pope – Judy Smith

January 21, 2015

Last night, I had the privilege of attending a great Andreessen Horowitz event featuring Judy Smith, the real-life inspiration for one of my favorite television shows – Scandal. If you’re in PR, the show’s lead character, Olivia Pope, likely tops your list of superheroes.  As introduced by Ben Horowitz, Judy is the “world’s greatest crisis [Read More]

Four PR Resolutions for 2015

January 7, 2015

As we begin a new year, it is always a time for reflection. We begin to think about the past year – successes, disappointments, and changes we’d like to make moving forward to the next. While many are planning to kick that bad habit, lose those extra five pounds, or start a new hobby, I’d [Read More]