No BS Blog


January 28, 2010

Although you may think by the title of this post I’m going to rant about what big PR agencies do with their new biz pitches and PR plans, I’m not. Nor is this about what to do with pizza boxes and water bottles. The use of the word recycling for today’s purposes is about what [Read More]

Do You Speak Tech? If So Let’s Chat. We’re Hiring.

January 4, 2010

BPR – Seattle’s one and only PR firm committed to PR minus the BS, is hiring. We’re looking for a PR pro with 3-4 years experience doing technology PR for B2B products. We’re not looking for a consumer PR person – repeat – we are not looking for a consumer PR person. If you’re right [Read More]

Optimism Abounds

January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! You need not look far to see a wave of optimism approaching our shores. A recent scan of headlines willl show the Dow finished the year up nearly 20%, the tech sector is poised for growth, the real estate market is slowly getting better, banks are easing restrictions on loans, the number [Read More]